Texas Home Inspector Standards of Practice

Here is an easy to read version of the Standards of Practice for home inspectors in Texas. These Standards of Practice were adopted by the Texas Real Estate Commission and were effective as of September 7, 2016

How to Fix an Outlet with Reversed Polarity

It’s fairly simple to fix an outlet with reversed polarity. On a properly-wired outlet, the black wire (the hot wire or non-grounded conductor) will be connected to the gold screw, and the white wire (the neutral wire or grounded conductor) will be connected to the...

What is Expansive Soil?

Expansive soils are soils that contain minerals such as certain types of clay that are able to absorb water. When the clay absorbs water, it will expand. The more water they absorb, the more they expand. Soils containing as little as 5% clay can exhibit expansive characteristics.

All About S Traps

An S trap is a drain trap that looks like a letter “S” sitting on its side. The plumbing systems in most older homes used S traps on the drain lines under sinks, but S traps are now prohibited by code throughout the country because they are not vented.

What is a Reverse-Fed Breaker?

In a back-fed breaker, the wires that are bringing the power into the panel are connected to the back-fed breaker just like they are connected to any other breaker. This means that the power is going backwards through the back-fed breaker and then to the main bus.