Attic Ventilation

Have you ever gone up into your attic on a hot summer day? If so, you know how hot it can get inside an attic. This heat buildup is one of the main reasons why proper attic ventilation is critical to maintaining the health of your home.

Foundation Watering

Watering your home’s foundation may sound like an odd thing, but if done consistently and correctly, it is probably the single most important thing that you can do to protect your home’s foundation. It is critical to minimize the wet and dry cycles to which the soil around your home is subjected.

Does Your Foundation Need to be Repaired?

For homes built on expansive clay soils, changes in moisture level in the soil is the foundation’s worst enemy. During dry periods, the soil will contract and pull away from the foundation, leaving the edges of the foundation essentially unsupported. Since concrete slabs are flexible and not perfectly rigid, the foundation will actually sag along the edges. Then when it rains, the soil expands and pushes up against the foundation with extremely high forces.

Does Your Home Need It’s Foundation Repaired?

Most of the homes that I have inspected have foundations that fall into the category of those that have experienced some typical settling while a small percentage have needed extensive foundation repairs. I am often asked by my client. “Does the home’s foundation need to be repaired?” I will try to answer that question in this blog.