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Home Maintenance Inspection

Many people maintain their vehicles better than they maintain their homes. Our homes are literally our refuge from the storm, and for the most part, they do a wonderful job at it; however, because of this, they suffer a lot of abuse from the sun, rain, snow, wind, trees, insects and rodents, water, and from the people who live in them. Very often, a small problem can become a large problem if not addressed quickly. A loose shingle on the roof can turn into a missing shingle, then to a roof leak, and eventually to some serious water damage. A small electrical problem could turn into a fire. A small plumbing leak can turn into a large leak resulting in rot and/or foundation issues.

The most serious problem that I found during a home maintenance inspection was a shower pan in an older home that was so rotted out that it could have collapsed at any moment. This was in the master bathroom of an elderly couple’s home and was used daily. Had it collapsed while one of them was using the shower, serious injuries could have very likely occurred. Although, I normally don’t find problems this serious during home maintenance inspection, I have never conducted a home maintenance inspection in which I didn’t find at least several maintenance issues that needed to be addressed before they became big problems.

Morgan Inspection Services has been conducting home maintenance inspections in Abilene TX, San Angelo TX, Coleman TX, Brady TX, Comanche TX, San Saba TX and Cross Plains TX since 2002. Please call us today to schedule your home maintenance inspection.


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