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What do you think the most popular word in real estate listings is across the country? I found an interesting article that answers this question. A study analyzed the language used in over one million listings in order to determine what words were used to attract clients to homes listed at various price points. The results can help agents find just the right words to help to describe their listings.

If you’re curious, the number one term used was “hardwood floors.”

Here is the link to the full article.

We’ve all observed the basic words and expressions that land postings use to stand out enough to be noticed: “Normal light.” “Tempered steel apparatuses.” “Move-in prepared.” They’re basic not only for augmenting the quantity of potential purchasers, yet for tricking the correct purchasers to a specific posting.

So what are land’s popular real estate words? To discover, Point2 Homes, a land posting site, broke down the language in 1.2 million postings that were dynamic in July 2019 over the US.

“Enormous,” “new,” and “roomy” were among the most widely recognized descriptive words utilized in postings, while “circular drive,” and “near eateries and shopping” were as often as possible utilized for areas. The examination likewise saw watchwords depicting a home’s highlights and separated the outcomes by value run. The main 10 catchphrases in every one of five value sections make up the current week’s outline.

For homes estimated under $250,000, catchphrases tending to worries about post-buy costs showed up, with “new rooftop” and “move-in prepared” among the most utilized terms. Somewhere in the range of $250,000 and $499,999, the commonness of “double sinks” and “secured porch” proposed purchasers hope for something else than the essentials. Somewhere in the range of $500,000 and $999,999, optimistic terms like “flawless area” and “gourmet kitchen” crawled into the main 10.

Popular Words in Real Estate

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