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Well System Inspection

Well systems are a vital system on many homes – especially those located outside of a city or town. On many rural homes, the well is the only source of water for the home, so it is critical that it functions reliably 24/7. At Morgan Inspection Services, our well system inspection is designed to determine the condition of the well system, and to do so for a reasonable cost. On our well system inspection, we inspect all accessible components of the well system. We also check the operation of the pump without pulling the pump. At the conclusion of our well system inspection, we (and you) should have a good idea of the condition of the well system and of its ability or non-ability to provide sufficient water to the home.

Specifically, our well system inspection consists of the following steps:
We identify the location of the well and we inspect the cover.
2. We inspect the pressure tank including measuring the pressure in the tank and verifying that the bladder is intact.
3. We inspect the pressure gauge.
4. We inspect the pressure switch and its operation.
5. We inspect the pump by performing a water flow test while monitoring water flow rate and the amperage of the pump.

As a separate service, we can also draw a water sample and deliver it to a lab to be tested for coliform bacteria.

The well system inspection performed by Morgan Inspection Services is about as comprehensive as can be performed without actually pulling the well pump and physically inspecting the pump and wiring. If you are purchasing a home that uses a well as its source of water, we highly recommend that you have the well system inspected.


Morgan Inspection Services has been conducting well system inspections in Abilene TX, San Angelo TX, Coleman TX, Brady TX, Comanche TX, San Saba TX and Cross Plains TX since 2002. Please call us today to schedule your well system inspection.

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